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51 Tips for Winning Screenplay Contests

Every year, tens of thousands enter screenwriting contests. Being one of the winners often means recognition, prizes, media attention, a chance at an agent, and for some, a screenplay sale.

Want to know how to win a screenplay contest?

We interviewed winners, readers, and contest directors from contests like Nicholl, Austin, Breckenridge, Final Draft and others to discover 51 tips that will help you with your next contest script.

The 51 Tips are absolutely FREE.

We do this to introduce you to ScriptForSale and a variety of screenwriting contests you may want to enter.

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Every other day, you'll receive another email with two tips until the list is complete. The 51 tips are in eight categories:

Tips 1 - 7 -- The Basics; Blow These and You Lose.

Tips 8 - 15 -- Understanding How Contests Rate Your Script.

Tips 16 - 22 -- Winning Story Tips.

Tips 23 - 27 -- Creating Characters Readers Love.

Tips 28 - 32 -- Scenes that Dazzle Us.

Tips 33 - 38 -- Description that Delivers.

Tips 39 - 44 -- Outstanding Dialogue.

Tips 45 - 51 -- You've Won! Now what?

With the tips, we'll also include some resources you may want to check out. Links to articles, classes, and web sites that can assist you on your way to winning your first contest.

BTW, if you know other screenwriters who could benefit from these tips, feel free to Recommend this site to them where they can learn 51 ways to increase their chance of winning a contest, also.

I hope you find these tips are valuable, but even more important, I hope they help you to win a contest and get the recognition you deserve for your writing.

Hal Croasmun

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"Being a Finalist in the Nicholl is the same as winning. You get up to 100 requests for your script, your name in the trades, and you are the flavor of the week. The Academy pays all your expenses to fly you to LA for a week. They put you up at a great hotel. You go to fancy dinners and casual lunches at the Academy itself.

Agents, producers, managers, other writers, will come speak to you at the Academy and be there to answer your questions. It is a magical week, and you get this even if you don't win. It is an incredible experience. That said, winning is even better."
Patricia (Pooks) Burroughs
Winner Nicholl 2001

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