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Taking Control of Your Creative Process

Interview: Working Successfully in Collaborations

Interview with Michael Hockney

How to Write a Screenplay that Sells

Career Strategies for Screenwriters

The Hollywood Game

The Blatant Truth About Screenwriting

The Mystery of Subtext

Another Way In -- Indie Filmmakers Need Screenwriters

INTERVIEW: Jeff Howard - Screenwriter of Prize Fighter

Back in the Game
an Interview with screenwriter James Justice

A Screenwriter's Journey -- Interview with Rie Natalenko


Dying is Easy, Comedy is Hard

Setting Up an Emotional Moment

Your First Page Sells Your Script

Concept is Everything When You Pitch

Conquering the High Concept

What's it Take to Win?

Breaking Into the TV Movie Market

Negotiating Your First Deal

Raising the Marketability of a Character-driven Story

Negotiating Your First Deal

How to Query Production Companies

Want Representation?

Questions Every Producer Has When You Pitch

The Requirements for Your Marketing Materials

Rate Your Subtext!

How Good is Your Dialogue?

The Mind of the Studio Executive

INTERVIEW: Scriptshark, is it for you?


INTERVIEW: Bonnie Orr - A Texas Writer with Hollywood Sales

Why Scripts Get Turned Down

End Boring Writing Forever!

Creating Relationships with Production Companies

22 Ways to Improve Your Screenwriting

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Increasing the Probability of Your Success





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