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Screenwriting Classes
"My ProSeries script has been optioned! We took a meeting with a director with great feature credits, and he picked it up yesterday. Our agents are hammering out the details of the contract."
Nancy Nyman
Optioned Screenwriter
"Of the two scripts I worked on in your classes, one won a contest and the other was optioned. I SWEAR by these classes!"
Mauriel Joslyn
Optioned Screenwriter
"I am an optioned writer with an agent, and I have found this experience so far to be invaluable. To have the opportunity every day to stretch my creativity, learn a new skill or improve an old one, is an amazing experience."
Louisa J. Mawson
Optioned Screenwriter
"My screenwriting has improved over 200%. If you are really serious about improving your screenwriting, really committed to becoming a screenwriter and hungry to be the best that you can be, there is no better program."
Rie Natalenko
Optioned Screenwriter Winner of Best Unproduced Script in Australia
The IF Awards
"A wonderful course. More useful than the books I've read, the seminars I've been to, and the conferences I've attended. The difference in my writing has been phenomenal."
Judy Mills
Optioned Screenwriter
"Your classes have gifted me with the knowledge and credibility to take meetings which led to my work being read by top agents and producers in Hollywood.."
Alyssa Alexandria
Optioned Screenwriter

The Professional Screenwriting Series
March 20 - Sept. 20, 2010

Five months of intensive breakthroughs! This class is open to experienced screenwriters who are committed to doing whatever it takes to have their script create buzz in Hollywood and SELL!

You'll go through the entire ScriptForSale.com course catalog plus get two extra courses only offered in the Pro Series -- Outlining and Plotting and First Ten Pages.

Pushing the Envelope
January 5, 2010

This class is all about one thing -- having your writing be extra- ordinary.  It assumes that you already understand screenwriting and now the job is to make your writing captivating. This class includes examples from the show, "LOST".


Writing Great Endings
Feb 22 - March 4, 2010

Your ending is the second most important part of your script, so it needs to be great! In this class you'll learn what makes a great ending, how to structure your third act so that every page increases the emotion, and how to write final pages and parting words that will create the buzz you need to get your script sold and make your movie a box office success.


High Concept Sells
Offered only as part of the ProSeries

Writing up to par, but unable to catch the attention of producers and agents? Your problem may very well be in your Concept. This class takes you through the process the big-money-makers use to create amazing High Concepts.

Fresh & Edgy
March 29 - April 7, 2010

In this class, we'll demystify the process of writing both fresh and edgy scripts. This could be the class that takes your writing to a whole new level...and help you discover a side to your writing you never considered before.

Revealing Subtext
Jan 25 - Feb 5, 2010

What is one of the main keys that identifies your writing as professional or not? -- Subtext. In this class, you'll learn to design subtext into your plots, scenes, characters, action and dialogue including the famous subtext pointers.


Advanced Dialogue
August 3 -13, 2009

ADVANCED DIALOGUE is about taking the best dialogue you've ever written and making it so much better that people who read it just love it.   In the course, we'll work with high-level dialogue techniques that give you the power to write unique dialogue that feels natural, but delivers on multiple levels, get a set of techniques for rewriting the dialogue of any script and improving it dramatically and new techniques for drawing out the best dialogue from your characters.

Comedy Writing For Screenplays
April 12 -22, 2010

Advertisers say "sex sells," but in the movie business, many readers, producers, actors enjoy good comedy more than sex in screenplays. No matter what genre you write, it can benefit by writing better humor. In this class, we analyze successful comedy movies and work with proven techniques to create comedy concepts, humorous characters, physical humor, and funny lines.


Marketing Your Screenplay
September 9-16, 2006 - Part 1
October 1-10, 2006 - Part 2

An 11-day course (divided into two parts) that will give you an overall understanding of how to take your script through the marketing process with as little frustration and as much success as possible.By the end of this program, you'll have well written marketing materials for your screenplay and the knowledge of what to do to get your script into the hands of buyers out there.


ProSeries Rewrite Class
Starts June 2, 2007

Take your script through an 18 STEP REWRITE that will elevate the QUALITY FROM THE CORE of the story and continue to improve the script down to the very last word. This class is specifically designed to help you win screenplay contests and improve your script.

"I rewrote an existing script and optioned it after taking your High Concept and Revealing Subtext classes."
James Justice
Produced screenwriter
"I've taken all of Hal's courses and went from a mainstream writer to a working writer in a very short time. I've been hired to write and rewrite two scripts. Producers I know cannot believe how rich and interesting my characters are and how powerful my scripts have become."
Michael Hockney
Staff writer on TV series
"As a result of Hal's Marketing class, I contacted and pitched to Indie producers with confidence and generated immediate interest that LED TO A SALE."
Sharoll Jackson
Produced Screenwriter
"I got this amazing literary agent and wrote this book after doing a bunch of work with Hal, and absolutely credit him with helping me rise to a new level of professionalism."
J.D. Mann
Author of
You Call the Shots
"After reading the script that I wrote in the ProSeries, a producer was so impressed that she immediately asked me to write a story she'd wanted to tell for years. We have developed a great relationship and I am currently working with her on the project."
Matt Dixson
Working Screenwriter
"Without doubt, this is the best script I've ever written. Hal, you've delivered on every promise to raise my level of proficiency. Taking a chance on this course was the best career decision I've ever made. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."
Susannah Farrow
Optioned screenwriter