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James Cameron
"One thing I liked was the amount of ground you covered; from writing descriptions to anticipatory dialogue to hooks and plant and payoffs, the skills run the gamut. Each adds another layer to our pages. The combination of them together is tremendous. I have recommended it to others. I told them this program was kicking my writerly ass into gear, and they shouldn't miss out!"

Christine Dumont
"If you're interested in cutting through the theoretical morass, the rhetoric of analytically-driven gurus who can't creatively write for love or for money, take the course! If you're interested in getting your product to market fast, apply it! It won't take the pain out of screenwriting. But it'll maximize the gain. Each lesson has been directly valuable to the script I'm currently working on. I can't wait to start on my new script and apply the concepts right from the beginning."

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For most people, subtext is the most illusive of all the writing skills. You ask a screenwriting teacher about subtext and you'll get a vague answer that will leave you confused, but won't provide any real insight. Why? Because many of the best writers of subtext operate primarily from intuition. So they don't have a conscious structure they can teach.

I believe Gary Shusett has a unique perspective when it comes to the business of screenwriting. He runs Sherwood Oaks Experimental College where he brings in over 200 producers, agents, and managers to speak to very small groups - 8 - 12 screenwriters.

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Whether you are a new screenwriter, a seasoned professional or somewhere in-between, our screenwriting classes get you where you need to be. All of our screenwriting classes are 100% online so you can participate from any location with any schedule.

Class The Professional Series
Price: $1100
Class length: 6 months

Five months of intensive breakthroughs! This class is open to new and experienced screenwriters who are committed to doing whatever it takes to have their script create buzz in Hollywood and SELL!

You'll go through the entire course catalog plus get two extra courses only offered in the Pro Series -- Outlining and Plotting and First Ten Pages.

Price: $90
Class length: 10 days

In this class, we'll demystify the process of writing both fresh and edgy scripts. This could be the class that takes your writing to a whole new level...and help you discover a side to your writing you never considered before.
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